September 2018

Iam Grobler

Thank you very much for completing the work at Linden. The new gutters look fantastic and we are very happy with the end-result. Thank you also that despite a rocky start, you've persisted with great service. Please also thank Alex and his team.


August 2015

Sovereign Construction Synergy

To whom it may concern

This letter serves as a reference letter for Mr Gutter generally and Driekus specifically.

Over the past 4 months Driekus has been installing gutters and downpipes at Rand Aid Tarentaal village. My company is the main contractor on this renovation project.

It has been a pleasure to work with Driekus and all his staff! Driekus has been found to be absolutely honest and efficient in the completion of the agreed guttering work.

As is always with the nature of construction work, there were a handful of issues that were only very minor in nature. This in generally related only to, for example, my clients request to move a downpipe a bit to the left or to the right etc. Driekus dealt with every one of these minor issues willingly, quickly and with a smile! Well done!

We will definitely make use of there services again! Please feel free to contact me if you require further information or would like to see the work at the village.

Thanks and regards,

Wayne Wilmot

August 2015

LON Projects

To whom it may concern

This letter serves to confirm that LON Projects has used Mr Gutter as a sub-contractor for the supply and installation of gutters and downpipes at numerous projects with no problems.

One of our sites is Silver Pines Estates, a residential complex whereby Mr Gutter has installed 90% of the gutters and downpipes within the estate without any hassles. The project was started in 2014 and will be complete in 2016.

Please use this reference that Mr Gutter is a trustworthy and good subcontractor for the supply and installation of gutters and downpipes.

Thank you.

Lorenzo Lacovig
(BsC Aero Eng, MSc Mech Eng)
Project Manager

June 2014

Ivan Marsh

Just wanted to thank you guys for a job well done. Your team arrived on time as promised, worked efficiently and quickly, removed the old gutters, did a very nice and neat job installing the new guttering (even though the carport guttering presented some challenges which they quickly solved) and they cleaned up fantastically.
Thanks for a great job.
Ivan Marsh
Pr.Tech (ENG) NDT

March 2014

Harry Willson

Thank you for the excellent service. Not everyday that someone will come in and make various measurements and modifications for water flow, and actually deliver exactly that which was discussed. Well done, thank you.

Harry Willson
(Adendorff Machinery Mart)

February 2014

Lindy Wakeham

Thanks so much for our lovely gutters and for the really professional teams that you sent out , they really worked flat out and left the property neat and clean , much appreciated !

February 2014

Gert Louw

Good afternoon.
I just want to say thank you for the installation yesterday as the workmanship and gutters were done extremely well and neatly and presents really well.
Please say thank you for the team as well!

January 2014

George Lindeque

Dear Johan Veldman
As I told you, I am very impressed with the Mr Gutter Team who replaced the gutters at our home at 4 Gillard Drive, Cresta yesterday and today. They not only did what they had to do well within the contracted timeline but delivered a high quality end-product. I am immensely impressed with their productivity and determination to do what they set out to do. They were furthermore very friendly and courteous in the execution of what they had to do. They also passed the litmus test - a real thunder storm after they had completed their work!
The leadership and management of Mr Gutter should be very proud of all of them and hopefully will acknowledge them suitably. But of course this type of achievement only happens because of sound leadership and management with an appropriate company culture and climate. I salute you all and well done indeed!
Kindest regards
George Lindeque

Daanyaal Basson

Good Morning Johan,
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mr.Gutter and both teams for the awesome work done on our home, it is truly beautiful and is greatly appreciated.
Thank you and God bless you.
Kindest regards,

Bertus & Elize Nel

Good morning, Brad
Thank you very much for your excellent service!
Your installation team also are very friendly, professional & polite.
Best regards,
Bertus & Elize Nel